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Don’t it feel good to drive a bus?

People need to get picked up

Pride your uniform and stunt

You do what my people would grunt

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dark souls is honestly not as hard as i thought it would be. so far its mostly just grinding with the occasional frustrating fuck up.

#still pretty hard #but it was hyped at like a 10 on the hard scale #and its more like a 7 and a half

Playing dark souls for the first time, wish me luck

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This work of art demanded of me four years of assiduous and exclusive attention, and it is nothing less than the result of the whole of my active life. I consider it, apart from its imperfections, my masterpiece.

Henri Matisse

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Michael Staniak Untitled 3  ::  Tauba Auerback Untitled (fold)

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You popped her tit!

Listen/purchase: A D by Feral Conservatives

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Ok so i’ve just seen this on my timeline on twitter and quite frankly I’m angry. This is in london and the metropolitan police here are known to be racist. With all that’s going on in America right now i thought I’d shed some light on what’s happening here in the UK. While its illegal to bear arms in this country, the systematic racism and discrimination still remains against black people, men in particular. Racial profiling is an epidemic and with social media at the forefront it’s been easier to really see how often this occurs, Please re blog this and spread this on your dashboard! These racist authorities need to be exposed!

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Track: Talk About

Artist: Dear And The Headlights

Album: Drunk Like Bible Times

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You want to talk about all the feelings I’m feeling

Like your chalkboard wrists but I don’t tally the meaning

You keep forgetting the plot, let alone the long sleeps

My eyes, they only know three words and each is pronounced “Please!?”

#one of my all time fav tracks #great lyrics #music #talk about #dear and the headlights #drunk like bible times #rock #indie rock

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I probably will but I never had my hair like this so I’m Gona try it out


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Got bored and decided to butcher my hair. 10 to 1 I regret this and freak out before the day is over

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